HomeViews: We review everything, why not homes?


We’re certainly in the age of the online review. Whether a hotel or restaurant review on TripAdvisor or a product review on any retail website, it seems only wise to listen to the experience of others to help us choose between what’s on offer.

One prop tech company set to be one to watch in 2020 is HomeViews. The platform officially launched earlier this year, allows homeowners and tenants living in residential buildings to review their experience.  

Why review homes?

It’s arguably the biggest decision we make, and the largest financial investment, so why not get all the information you can on a home before you go for it?

The website focuses on residential developments, which are increasingly popping up across the UK.  

The reviews can talk about anything from the building itself, to locality, lifestyle, and value. In their tips for reviewers, the site encourages residents to think about the things they’d wished they’d known before they’d moved in.

Photos are encouraged to be included too. Anyone who has used Amazon has probably come across a customer’s image of a product that shows it in its true light, compared to the manicured product image given by the seller. Ideas on the site include a sunset view from your window or a styled room to show creative potential.

The more homes the merrier

Still in its fledgling year, the site has had over 9,000 reviews for 900 developments across the UK.

Currently, you can find reviews for buildings in London, Birmingham, Bristol, Leeds, Liverpool, Manchester and Newcastle.

Property managers and developers can respond to reviews for free by setting up an account with HomeViews. All in, it should serve to help them keep an eye on their residents’ experience and it advertises the building to more prospective buyers or tenants.

HomeViews states: “We believe the best information about a residential development comes from the people living there. Owners and tenants have a lot of useful information to share with their prospective neighbours, not just on the property itself and its locality, but also on the development and building management.”

The ranking system is the same as most companies, from Airbnb to John Lewis. Five stars, also called “Very Poor” to “Excellent”, allows for a quick comparison scan and a fast way to find the best or most preferred property.