London Property: Most-viewed house of 2019


As we come to the end of 2019, let’s take a look at one stand-out London property of the year.

Among four mansions in the list of most-viewed houses stands a comparatively modest terrace property in Hackney.

On the outside, the four-bed looks pretty much like all the others in the terrace. But there is more to this Victorian terrace than meets the eye.

Let’s look inside this London property

This house has quite the surprise. The agent’s description of the property, which says the house ‘requires modernisation throughout’, mentions its little secret in a rather blasé, unassuming way.

After describing the living space, kitchen, bedrooms and bathroom, it adds: ‘and a spacious room to the rear which is currently being used as a bar’.

Oh yes, and this house has a pub.

Thanks to a double storey rear extension, this Victorian property has its very own bar.

Some may include this in their ‘key features’ description of this house, but not here. At least the agent ‘highly recommends’ an internal viewing.

Seeing is believing in this case, so have a look at pictures 11 and 12 ofthis most-viewed London property.

Let’s talk about ‘that room’

The ‘room’ is extraordinary. It is styled like a traditional pub, from the Tiffany-style windows to the floral carpet, ornate panels, barstools, beer pumps, optic for spirits, and wooden fittings.

Located on the first floor and accessed via the front door, hall, stairs and landing – not through any bedrooms – one could imagine this being a place for social gathering without encroaching on the rest of the household.

However, with only one bathroom at the rear of the ground floor and no reception or living rooms, the house does not have the most logistically ideal layout currently.

Has this remarkable London property sold in 2019?

The property is sold subject to contract. The asking price is offers in excess of £800,000.

So perhaps this Hackney property is on its way to a new lease of life. And one can only wonder if the pub will stay.