Need to move home?


Moving during the coronavirus is not prohibited, but it is very important to know that delaying your move is strongly encouraged. We should be staying home except for exceptional circumstances. Moving during the coronavirus is a stressful time and for those renters that need to move for whatever the reason(s); here are some things that will hopefully make your move out then in, a lot easier.

Social distancing still applies

The government have said that removal firms can honour certain commitments. It’s very likely that around you there will be some companies operating. Keeping a safe (2 metre) distance away from the removal team is immensely important. Some removal teams may offer virtual estimates as opposed to in-person ones, this ensures that a distance is kept. Should you or anyone in your household/family experience symptoms, you should tell the removals team as soon as possible. Transparency is vital to keeping everybody safe.

Should you be moving and not require any help moving, it’s best to keep it this way so you can minimise contact.

Social distancing also applies to viewings. Aim to be as accommodating as possible when carrying out a viewing through a video call. Should you need to book a viewing, this should again be arranged through a video call.

Be as flexible as you can

Moving during the coronavirus means that there are currently a lot of various different challenges to be faced. Whether you are moving into a vacant or a preoccupied home, it is important to negotiate with both your old and new landlord regarding the start and end dates of both tenancies, so that you and the people around you are safe. Should you be moving into a preoccupied home, be aware that the current tenants living there may have to be flexible on their move out date too.

Think outside the box

When packaging things up, it’s best to use fresh supplies. New boxes should be used as the virus can live on surfaces for prolonged amounts of time. It’s also a good idea to clean whilst you pack, for everyone’s safety, including your own. Having your boxes packed and waiting a day before is a good idea if you have a removal team coming, this minimises the risk to the removal team helping you. Just before you are about to settle in and unpack, it may be a good idea the give the new property a good clean through to be on the super-safe side.

Information from Shelter, Forbes, Rightmove and UK Government sites. Image from ‘Housebeautiful.com’.