Tower for Sale: Your very own Rapunzel tower?


It may be the stuff of fiction but, in this new COVID-19 era, living in a tower not dissimilar to that of a Disney princess seems to make some sense.

Meet Sway Tower, a 218ft, 330-step Victorian folly. It was on the market with the St Quintin Property Group this summer, with an asking price of £2.5m.

A little look at the unique property

Granted, Sway Tower has a few more amenities than a fairy tale tower. Tennis court, swimming pool and large conservatory included, it has four bedrooms and ensuite bathrooms spread over the first four floors.

There are fourteen floors in total, with a lookout at the top where you can enjoy stunning views of the vast, green New Forest, and in the other direction, the Needles of the Isle of Wight.

And don’t be put off by the name. It is not called Sway due to instability; it’s simply because of its location of the village Sway. However it is said to be the largest non-reinforced concrete structure in the UK, even the world, which, to a layperson, may sound a bit disconcerting…

A little history

The tower is also known as Peterson’s Folly, named after its original owner Andrew Thomas Turton Peterson. It was built by forty-five people in the nineteenth century and would have cost £3.5 million in today’s money.

Paul Atlas bought the tower in 1973. It was £2650 but completely dilapidated. Renovations included the removal of a gargantuan amount of bird droppings, and eventually he moved in during the mid-nineties. He then married and the couple raised two children in this unique home.

How the tower makes money

No magic spinning wheel of gold here. But the property does offer its owner two strands of income. One from its bed and breakfast facilities and the other from telecommunication. The latter brings £35,000 a year from emergency services and two mobile phone providers.

Mr Atlas said that bedrooms could be added beyond the fourth floor, if the new owner wanted to extend the B&B into a hotel.

Unfortunately, there is no lift. But a rope of golden hair might work.